Airline Kennels and Cages

Airline Kennels and Cages

In order to fly with your pet or ship him abroad you will need an airline approved kennel/cage according to the international standard which matches your pets’ measurements perfectly.

We are here to assist you by providing all the information relevant to choosing the best flight kennel/cage that will provide your pet a “home” throughout the journey. We are here to make sure your pet’s “home” is the most comfortable, while making sure it fits all standards and regulations.

Our unique kenneling service includes a kennel training kit that we will provide you with a few weeks prior to the flight, as we guide you throughout the training process, making sure you and your pet are ready for the flight.

If you are interested in travel with your pets, your animal carrier needs to match the specified safety standards set out by IATA for kennel/cage.

Here are some major reasons why you should use flight carriers for animals:

  • The carrier is considered as the animal’s house where he feels free to enter and exit.
  • The carrier is considered the most secure and comfortable environment for your pet.
  • The carrier allows the control of every day situations that can lead to valuable antiquarian vandalism daily.

Airline carriers – Which one can I use?

If your Pet is being shipped as cargo or going into the hold, you must use the carriers approved by the USDA. The flight carriers of live animals must meet all the conditions and standards relating to the raw material, size, strength, safety cage and cage design. These regulations exist in order to protect animals and porters in flight-before and after take-off.

If your pet is flying with you, you may wish to opt for a soft material carrier, so that it can easily be stowed under your seat, and your animal will be kept in close proximity to you, rather than being sent for travel through the hold. Soft carriers are also far lighter than hard carriers, which will ,make easier for the pet owner when travelling through the airport.

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?